The Jing method for online self care: Massage therapists take your business online episode 4

Join us for Jing TV Live – episode 4 – broadcast on 25th March 2020

Massage therapists – take your business online during the COVID 19 coronavirus crisis with the Jing method for online self care. Freely offered to the massage community during this time of crisis, let Meg and Rache, vibrant Jing directors and acclaimed teachers, talk you through how massage therapists can safely teach their clients self care methods via an online platform

This is episode 4 so if you have missed the others catch up on those first to view first hand our safe and effective model for teaching clients online self care. This gives you an effective way to transfer your massage therapy business online during the coronavirus pandemic

This week we’ll be talking you through a 5 Jing Touch Point Plan to help clients with Adhesive Capsulitis (AKA Frozen Shoulder) via an online platform

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So you have asked to donate a few pennies and pounds for the community zoom sessions, and we are humbled & eternally grateful. In this tricky time for a massage training school – everything is appreciated.
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