Bodywork centre of excellence

Jing has been going from strength to strength in the UK since 2003, before that the Directors were both working and teaching in NYC. In June 2010, we opened The Jing Institute located in the heart of Brighton. We so excited about all the possibilities this glorious space has to offer. The Institute has become is renowned as a centre of excellence for advanced massage and soft tissue training. Jing brings together our own courses with guest lecturers in other advanced soft tissue techniques to provide a comprehensive advanced massage training in informed touch, clinical massage, myofascial release, sports and remedial massage, trigger point therapy, structural integration, musculo skeletal anatomy and much, much more. We are dedicated to offering courses to build your career from every angle. We offer a range of unique trainings in Hot stone fusion massage, pregnancy massage, on-site massage and injury prevention for massage therapists. Read all about them in the Short CPD section of the site.

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