Advice for therapist – this is a time to shut our clinics TEMPORARILY

Hey beautiful Jing tribe – its Rache and Meg here thinking of you and our amazing massage family.

We are listening to your feelings about whether to keep your clinics open and want to help you to make the right choices around your role as leaders in the health and wellness community and as role models for your community.

Your clients have chosen YOU as a key component of their physical and mental wellbeing and we all want to do the right thing at this time of unprecedented global crisis

As a community we will all be facing the same fears – how do I keep myself safe; my clients; my family; the world. How will I survive financially if my business has to close down for a while?

It is important to remember that we are all connected; our fears are the same and our common humanity connects us at this time. We can share resources, ideas, support and love. We can witness each others stories, hold hands metaphorically across the distances that now divide us and walk together, strong as a community who values loving, compassionate touch and cares deeply for the world and individuals within it.

So on that note many of us now face a dilemma about whether to keep our businesses open (with strict hygiene protocols) or close until the virus has passed its peak and infections and fear are on the decline.

There has never been and never will be judgement in the Jing community and different ideas have been shared on this thread already. All your thoughts are valued and sharing leads to knowledge and shifting opinions.

Our own personal feelings at Jing are that this is a time to shut our clinics TEMPORARILY whilst at the same time developing different and innovative ways to provide services to our clients to ensure their continued physical and mental health. We will help you do this.

All of Europe is now adopting stringent social distancing measures, this is now recommended although not enforced by our government from their public address today. If we look at what is happening in China then we can see that the social distancing and “lockdown” measures introduced there have led to a decline in infections.

Our duty is wider than our own clinics but is to the public at large – to protect the vulnerable and the elderly from unwanted transmission. Let us act now to do our bit in knowing that we did the right thing.

Our advice?

  1. Talk to your friends, partner, wider family and see how you can support each other to survive financially for about the next 12 weeks.
  2. Find a way to stay in touch with your clients who need you via skype, phone or email. At Jing we are looking at pioneering online sessions for your clients to keep them healthy while they are away from their regular touch sessions. This could help bring in an income while you are unable to give them their regular loving touch.We will keep you posted on this
  3. Use your downtime to work on your business. You know all the things you kept meaning to do- work on your website, set up social media, get an email newsletter going. Again we will be giving support and guidance on this
  4. Plan for a BIG COMEBACK in the autumn. reduced price sessions, goodies to get people back through the door. Everyone will be desperate for loving compassionate touch.
  5. Keep in touch – we will be doing regular Facebook live sessions and webinars to share ideas and resources so make sure you are signed up to our email list.
  6. Reach out – however frightened you are there will be someone who needs your support. A phone call, a text, an offer of support.

Let’s be strong and united as a community. We will support, guide and love each other in this time. The world has never witnessed a community as caring, co-operative and innovative as the Jing family.

Together we will work with the hands the head and the heart and walk beside each other until we are on the other side of this crisis. Remember the way of the world is that “this too shall pass”

With love and compassion

Rache and Meg

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