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FREE Webinar Recording: Orthopaedic Assessment for RSI and Carpal Tunnel

In this dynamic webinar, Rachel Fairweather will unlock the mysteries of Orthopaedic assessment and testing for the Wrist and Arm. 

Being able to accurately determine the cause of musculo-skeletal and soft tissue pain is essential for any serious massage therapist. A must have for your techniques tool box! If you love this fascinating area of bodywork […]

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Welcome to the ACMT Foundation

In this webinar, Jing Director, Meghan Mari, speaks to our ACMT Foundation students who will be attending Jing soon for the first module of the BTEC level 6. She answers any questions there might be on the course, discusses any prelearning required and gives guidance as to what the next step would be on a […]

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ANKLE MOBILITY: Advanced Myofascial Techniques with Til Luchau and Chris Pohowsky

Join Til Luchau and Chris Pohowsky in an engaging and practical webinar as they present techniques for restoring lost ankle mobility and stability by working with the deep interosseous membranes of the leg. A perfect preview for the in-person courses in July, this stand-alone webinar will draw from‘s popular Advanced Myofascial Techniques series. The […]

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Webinar Recording: Myofascial Chain Stretching

In this dynamic webinar Rachel Fairweather (Jing Director) will explore techniques you can easily integrate into your existing fascial work or use as a stand alone full body treatment carried out on the table or the floor. This work fuses myofasical release, principles of Thai massage, yoga and intuitive whole body listening palpation skills on […]

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Webinar Recording: Harmonic Technique with Dr. Eyal Lederman

In this dynamic 40 minute webinar with Dr Eyal Lederman (Director of CPDO) you will explore the fascinating Harmonic technique! Harmonic Technique is a three dimensional mobilisation of soft-tissues and joints. It is passive rhythmic manual approach that is in tune to the individual’s natural body rhythms. These gentle rhythms are focused on and amplified […]

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Webinar Recording: ISTR Integrative Soft Tissue Release with Steven Goldstein

This dynamic webinar will introduce you to a variety of indirect soft-tissue approaches that constitute the hybrid modality known as ISTR Integrative Soft Tissue Release. Conveying the importance of ‘lighter touch’ as the vehicle and facilitator of Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) response which is considered an initiator of soft-tissue change through mechanoreceptor manipulation. 

 Now […]

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BTEC Level 6 – Your questions Answered!

Are you thinking about the BTEC level 6? In this fantastic webinar recording Meghan Mari and Nina Frizoni will answer questions like: Why should I carry on from the ACMT on to the BTEC Level 6? The ACMT was amazing… What else is there to learn?? Coursework and dissertations sound scary, and I’m not very […]

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